Change is coming…

Change is coming…

Change is coming. It is happening all around us. Trying to hold it back is like trying to stop the tide coming in.

Consider these four areas:

  • Technology – its 10 years since the smart phone, where will we be in another 10?
  • Social Media – the test generation are coming of age…
  • Climate – what impact will these changes have on us?
  • Politics – lets not even start!

On an organisational level, for many of us the old ways of working simply are not good enough for the new world in which we live. So we must change too.

But change can be hard. For many of us even the anticipation of it is fraught with fear; we often resist change instinctively.

So how do we prepare for change? How do we get ourselves as individuals and organisations ready for the changes to come? Here are 6 areas to consider:

Have the desire to change, not do it because we ‘should’

This involves making an active decision to change. Taking ownership, understanding and articulating why change is necessary. Even if we are forced into it, let’s try not to force it on other people but take them with us.

Prepare for success

Both individually and organisationally, it is unlikely that you will click our fingers and change will happen. It takes time to cultivate the skills, strengths and allies that will help us progress. Think about what will aid you most along the way and what has to happen in order for success to be most likely.

Start talking

Have the difficult conversations that prepare the ground for change to be able to happen. There may be routine or structure changes that will inevitably make life tricky for some. Have these conversations. Get it out in the open. This takes some doing and independent support can help.

Imagine the new

Allow yourselves to picture what it will look like in the future when you have made this change. Feel the differences. Explore what words you will use, what you will see around you. How much do you want to be there?

‘Just keep swimming’

I love little Dory from the film Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory of course) and her attitude to keeping on going. Resilience is key.

Celebrate successes

We want to nurture and celebrate the small pockets of success, each time we have a small win. By celebrating and nurturing the successes we have, we can create the atmosphere and the ambassadors of change that will ultimately overcome fear and resistance.

The Harrison Network has supported many individuals and organisations through change, whether on a micro or macro level. If you would like to talk more about the why, what, where, when of change for you please do get in touch. We would love to explore what change looks like for you.

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