Collaboration; true team trust takes time.

When you are bringing together a new leadership team, project team, or partnership working venture, you need to develop strong, robust relationships, and fast.

We’ll help you build robust, resilient, collaborative teams quickly, then support you on the journey to improve performance. We’ll help build trust and relationships to collaborate, encouraging individual and team resilience. We’ll facilitate decisions, establish collective process and equip you for the journey with shared tools and language.

Team development might involve a 2-day residential or a two-year journey. That depends on your team and how critical to performance your team’s success is.

Thank you – you helped us build the leadership team that is working so well during this crisis.

We help develop project teams, through facilitating goal focus, team alignment, scope definition and LFE events to improve project performance.

When you are bringing together new project teams, or Joint Ventures, we’ll work with you to build on strengths and alignment to build true collaboration.

Potential approach

We approach team development from four key areas, tailored to your team and flexible to meet changing organisational needs. Collaboration goes both ways.

Agree Purpose

Clarity and alignment on goals, purpose, expectations

Social Capital

Build high value strategic relationships

Equip & inspire

Develop skills, confidence and behaviours

Targeted Support

Stakeholder engagement, coaching, communications, etc

Being based in the beautiful Lake District, we also love to use the outdoor spaces around us to help with accelerating teams. We are equally as at home on the water, on the hills, onsite or online. We’ll collaborate with you to make it safe yet challenging, depending on the current circumstances.

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