Culture and behaviour change

Expert people partners to help you transform your culture

Do you have the right culture in your organisation to deliver the performance you are aiming for? How do you know?

Culture change or transformation might seem like a simple fix, but real culture change is not easy. Many attempts fail. The stories told, embedded systems and patterns of behaviour, clarity of purpose, and underlying issues such as psychological safety or leadership skills can make a big difference.

We help organisations whilst they change their cultures, using a mix of strategic facilitation, individual coaching and development of change agents. We choose carefully who we work with, as this is tough work. Are you really willing to invest the time and energy needed? If so, we can support you and you’ll have a team of experts on your side.

We are enjoying coming to work again.

How we help

We support each organisation differently, depending on need. This might include:

  • Strategic team development
  • Systemic team coaching
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitated inter-department conversations
  • Soft skill development
  • Bespoke learning programmes
  • Momentum, peer network and resilience building
  • Delivering innovation projects
  • Communication across the organisation

We’d love to help. We enjoy a good challenge. Below is what our interventions can deliver:

  • Set purpose, direction and clarity
  • Help redesign elements of the system
  • Support individuals as they lead the change
  • Ensure depth of conversations and create new lived experiences
  • Upskill the team to do this for themselves
  • Apply the learning to live projects
  • Develop and support change champions
  • Shift the lived experience and apply learning
  • Change the stories


You could have our expertise, experience and support on your side for the long term.

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When you know the conversations are going to be tough but you really need to both move to action and bring everyone along with you, facilitation can be helpful. We’ll not take over or make decisions for you, but encourage all the voices to be heard and gently move people towards consensus and action. We’ll encourage your group towards collaborative working.

I really like your facilitation style
Morgan Sindall

Facilitation skills

Develop the facilitation skills to deliver real business improvement.

Real business improvement requires excellent facilitation skills, so that the changes take hold. Without these you are just tweaking around the edges.

If you want your team to do this more effectively, we can help develop those skills through our series of masterclasses and residential development programme.

You get Business Improvement professionals who know how to accelerate and improve integration, collaboration and performance through people.

‘The consistent support meant participants achieved more and applied the learning effectively’ Kingswood

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