Developing leaders and teams through change. 

Harrison Network helps create the environments in which people and their ideas flourish. We work by your side during change, to equip and inspire your people, and adapt how you think, act and lead.

We’ll improve engagement and collaboration, help develop practical business improvements / innovation, and embed change leadership capability. Our experienced team of qualified coaches, facilitators and L&D professionals is proven to deliver behaviour, mindset and culture change in complex and highly regulated environments.

So if your organisation needs to change, we’ll help set your people up for success.

Soft skills for tough jobs. 

Together we can change the world, one conversation at a time
Lucy Harrison, Director

what are the benefits?

agile leadership

Develop more entrepreneurial, agile and innovative cultures.

effective conversations

Cultivate relationships for collaboration and retention.

Build trust and psychological safety

Build trust and psychological safety to hear fresh perspectives.

collaborative teams

Facilitate conversations to improve the future of your organistion.

‘We’re already seeing significantly increased team engagement and improved strategic and commercial awareness’ Sellafield Ltd


What we do:

  • Team Coaching: Build teams that work
  • Future Leaders: Develop emerging talent
  • Leading Change: Equip your people
  • Culture Change: Evaluate, cultivate and shape 
  • Sustainable Innovation: Unlock the future
  • Executive Coaching: Develop senior leaders

What we REALLY do:

  • Accelerate performance
  • Help retain good people
  • Improve collaboration and relationships
  • Build momentum and resilience
  • Business Improvement projects
  • Improve personal performance


Develop leaders and teams to perform at their best. Professional Team Coaching and Executive Coaching for when the future matters.

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Equipping and inspiring people think, act and lead differently. Learning programmes that help your people drive and lead change. 

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Expert people partners to help you transform your culture. Can include strategic facilitation, individual coaching and development of change agents.

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Helping build collaboration and develop strong, robust relationships, and fast. For leadership, project and partnership teams.

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To learn more about the Harrison Network, see the About Us pages.

Here you can explore who we are and why we do what we do. We are experienced, qualified professionals who like to work in partnership with our clients. As such we seek to develop long term relationships and work alongside you in your real world; so if that’s what you’re looking for, read on.

To discover founder, Lucy Harrison’s best selling book, SEE HERE

Published in 2022, ‘Soft Skills for Tough Jobs; Building teams that work, one conversation at a time’ gives you a unique framework to improve your soft skills. You’ll discover articles, links and resources on this regularly updated page.

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Harrison Network likes to work in long-term partnership with our clients as every organisation is unique. Help us understand the change journey you are currently on.

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