HArrison Network

Introducing us, our beliefs, mission and team to help understand if we are aligned in values and beliefs. We like to work in partnership with clients, so if that’s what you’re looking for, read on.

Harrison Network has been successfully developing effective leadership for seven years. We are a small, diverse, handpicked team who bring together a unique approach to development.

We are in this together. Your success matters to us.

Our beliefs

We believe that business can be and should be a force for good in the world, and that human-centred behaviours combined with entrepreneurial thinking lie at the core of good businesses.

By bringing out the best in one another and actively seeking diverse perspectives, we all win over the long term.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop entrepreneurial, collaborative and human-centred leadership to navigate the complex challenges of our future.

We help you build strong relationships throughout the organisation that will transform your leaders, your culture and your results.


We practise what we preach. We are hands on, priding ourselves on delivering a flexible, agile and collaborative service.

We use Experiential Learning (learning through doing) and Applied Learning (applying it to your day job), underpinned with a coaching approach. We believe that learning should be set in motion, not in stone.

Our promise

WE promise

  • To deliver soft skills for sustainable commercial results, helping you develop robust interpersonal relationships for long-term performance, learning and wellbeing.
  • To empower people to challenge the status quo; to stand up and lead with humanity. If you want people to step up, adapt and shape your future business, we’ll be by their side.
  • To partner with your organisation, working alongside you to nurture your future culture. And because organisations never stand still, neither do the Harrison Network programmes; we flex and develop and learn to meet your evolving needs.


Your PArtners

  • We embed practical changes, using a blend of learning techniques to change ways of working and thinking. We’ll help keep learning continuing even once the programme has finished.
  • We support your transformation journey – we’ll play our part, and expect you to play yours as you lead the momentum from the front.
  • We specialise in working with the do-ers. The Harrison Network have worked in construction, nuclear, emergency services, manufacturing and engineering successfully delivering soft skills for leaders in tough environments at all levels. We can equally make a difference with those on the tools as with those in the boardroom.


Our Values


We believe in having the resilience and tools to be able to adapt to our constantly changing business world. We aim to enable others to become more self-reliant and ingenious.


We believe that small actions can change the world, so encourage determination, enthusiasm and a thirst for change.


We believe in being straightforward, honest and not playing games. Keep it straightforward, keep it elegant, keep it memorable.

Generous Collaboration

We believe in the power of true and generous collaboration. Our ability to recognise value in others drives us forward together. Business can be a force for good in the world as well as in our pockets, if we truly work together for one another, not for ourselves.


We believe that thriving work, family and life communities are vital for us to perform at our best. Lets make them brilliant places to be.

Our Team



Lucy is the founder of the Harrison Network and an accredited professional executive coach, experienced facilitator and trainer.

She’s on a mission to change the world through developing social capital and entrepreneurial leadership (unless she’s playing out in the mountains).



Rob brings together extensive experience both in leadership development and commercial banking leadership. He’s dedicated to using his unique perspective to support others to adapt and align to change in the world around them.

He’s also super competitive on the bowling green, so watch out!



A former outdoor leader, Martin retrained in workplace mindfulness, before focusing his attention on building resilience and performance in pressured environments. His thoughtful approach always brings fresh insights.

Martin still enjoys having outdoor adventures;  just for fun these days.



Mark’s focus and passion to succeed took him from the shopfloor to the boardroom.  The journey taught Mark the value of combining commercial nous with team engagement.

He’s not shy at asking the difficult questions; he’s had to be in his role of transitional CEO for high growth or struggling organisations.



Chris is a hugely experienced and highly qualified executive coach. If you want to get more from yourself or your team, or perhaps you wish to be more influential in your organisation, Chris is a great choice of coach.

He’ll both champion and challenge you as you become the leader you want to be.



Sue is the backbone of the Harrison Network. She is awesome, keeping everything running smoothly and keeps the rest of us on track.

Given that we pride ourselves on flexibility, this makes her life all the harder.

She’d always rather be on the water than in the limelight though. I think this keeps her sane!



Mike is an accredited Professional Executive Coach, development consultant and published author.

He has an MSc in Personal and Organisational Development and is Visiting Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University Management School.



Angela is a superstar financial whizz. She keeps us on the straight and narrow, handling the finance and bookkeeping for us.

We’d not be here without her. How she does it and maintain her growing family… we are in awe.