Happy One Year Book-versary!

Lucy’s book is one year old today (24.5.23)!

It became an instant best seller, was shortlisted in the Business Book Awards 2023 and has received some amazing reviews.

What do you think about it now Lucy?

‘After three years of writing, it was brilliant to get it out there.

Did it do as well as I hoped? No. I learned that you have to market ferociously to stand out.

Did it do as badly as I feared? No, I am still proud that I did it, and read it back thinking ‘wow, I wrote that’.

Would I do it again? Yes, but I think I would go about it in a different way. I was naive about the process and also how much long term consistent effort would be required even after the publishing. But it was incredibly rewarding.

What would be my advice to others? Write your book for the sake of writing your book, not for the sake of what you might ‘get’ out of it.’

Soft Skills for Tough Jobs: 

Building teams that work, one conversation at a time

By Lucy Harrison

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Below you’ll find articles and resources to help you on your journey to better conversations and more effective soft skills.


Lots of other authors have tackled this but I like the way that Lucy Harrison shares experiences from both work and non-working life and builds on what people already do rather than making out it’s all something completely new or different. It’s an encouraging approach and a lively read and I’d recommend it.

S. Seed, via Amazon

The book is great blend of stories, hints and tips and practical exercises in the fundamental skill of life and business, building relationships.

In my view the NALED framework for more intentional conversations is a game changer. I have been around the world of people development for many years and seen many models to support better interactions but this one stands out above the rest. Practical, memorable but most importantly proven in action.

Amazon Customer

So insightful and yet an easy read. Lucy may just have changed the world here. Real practical application in many different spheres.

Melissa, via Amazon


Messy Human Relationships

Human relationships are complex and can be tough to navigate. Lucy reflects on some of hers.

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Real Life Leadership

What you notice is not all there is. What are you not noticing? Lucy shares her own experiences.

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From Reaction to Response

How do you change the outcome of a conversation through changing your approach?

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