Leadership development is a never ending story.

Our courses / learning programmes are a testbed to create momentum for new ways of working. We believe learning should be set in motion, not in stone.

Leadership is the key to future success, with humanity at its heart. We work with your leaders to develop the skills and confidence to approach complex change, the mindset to embrace it and the practice to embed it.

These are not standard leadership development courses. We focus on developing soft skills for hard business results, applying them in the real world, and building momentum to shift your organisational culture.

I’ve fundamentally changed my leadership style. Sellafield Ltd

Leadership development

Below are our three flagship courses, each designed to support leadership development in different ways including psychological safety,  intrapreneurship, agility, innovation, and collaboration. We aim to create courses that are testbeds of learning, which adapt and change to your circumstances and your people. You can find out more about our approach here. We love the custom needs of each of our clients. Let’s talk.


Developing the environment in which people feel able to speak up with ideas, questions, concerns and mistakes to improve safety, engagement and creativity.

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Developing entrepreneurial, agile thinking and skills with the mindset and relationships to make change, innovation and opportunities happen.

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Accelerating relationship development to build flexible, agile and collaborative teams for the complex and changing projects of the future.

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Talking about the tricky stuff has become as normal as hot dinners.


How are your courses delivered?

Each course or leadership development programme is delivered flexibly, blending on- and off-line delivery. We have worked hard to deliver experiential and fun applied learning through online media during 2020, with great success. However we still prefer to get in front of people or take them off site. See case studies for more information.

I want a roll-out of quick courses to fill the training gap, can you do that?

We don’t offer a quick fix to difficult challenges such as leadership, relationships, collaboration and agility. Just as with driving, learning a new skill and applying it well in different circumstances takes time. Our leadership development courses will keep you moving on the never ending journey of developing self-awareness, mindset and emotional intelligence.

How do you embed the learning?

We believe that whilst learning through teaching has its place, learning through experience then applying that learning in the real world through practise is even better. Our leadership development programmes embed learning into the longer term through peer support groups, coaching and facilitation, combined with senior level ownership, combines to embed real changes in people’s ways of working.

How do you measure impact?

We use a range of qualitative and quantitative measures to assess impact of the learning. As with most soft skills though, it’s not always easy to measure direct course impact. We ask people to self assess against a range of measures, use culture surveys and existing organisational KPIs depending on the course. People report areas in free text response such as an increase in taking on of new responsibilities, career development, confidence and wellbeing.

Sometimes though, we see the opposite of what you might expect. For example an increase in psychological safety might see an increase in reporting of near misses for example, as people feel more able to speak up.

Who will be leading our courses?

You get named and experienced facilitators working with you throughout this process. Each of our handpicked team brings a different perspective and a wealth of commercial and learning delivery experience. We pride ourselves on building the right team to work with you to deliver the outcomes you need. Our reputation is built on the quality of our courses. We intend to keep that up. See About Us for more about the team.

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