Going for Gold

Going for Gold

Going for GOLDIt is Olympic time again and suddenly I find myself mesmerised watching sports such as synchronised diving and target shooting, which I have never even heard of previously.

There is so much we can learn from these amazing athletes. Their persistence, determination, resilience in dealing with injury or adversity combined with the awesome prowess makes them seem almost superhuman.

One thing that stands out for me though is the singularity of their goal that drives a huge leap in their performance. The all-encompassing drive to win a gold medal. That is some motivation!

How can we learn from this?

For teams, it is about having a single goal, a driving force that motivates every single member of that team, consistently out-perform those without. Just look at Wales and Iceland in the European Championships. You can have a group of the highest skilled (and highest paid) individuals and be outperformed easily by a team with the right motivation who are performing as a team.

For individuals, it is identifying what is your ‘Gold Medal’? Your dream or passion or goal that you are willing to spend your time, energy and passion on? I asked before whether you should ‘follow your dreams or be practical’ but you know what, there is nothing so motivating as a dream.

If you want to up your performance, whether it is your team at work or your own daily life, find your gold. Identify your goal. Discover your dream.

What is yours? For as the wise words of Paulo Coelho say in the fable ‘The Alchemist’,

‘when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’

If you need support identifying your team or business goal, get in touch.

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