How stressed are you?


Do you feel too busy to think? Overwhelmed?

At what point does this become an issue? We have put together a series of questions for you to help you identify whether you are just under pressure, or this is becoming stress, a longer term issue.

How many of the following are true for you?

  1. There are not enough hours in my working day.
  2. I often bring work home.
  3. It’s faster for me to do jobs myself that to delegate.
  4. There are too many deadlines to meet.
  5. I often ignore problems hoping they will go away.
  6. I feel guilty if I relax and do nothing.
  7. I think about problems even when I’m supposed to be relaxing.
  8. I wake up still tired.
  9. I get frustrated with other people’s pace of work.
  10. My mood / decision making ability / memory / concentration is impaired.
  11. I am more often negative than positive.
  12. I pretend to listen.
  13. My neck / back / shoulders ache regularly.
  14. I don’t have time for hobbies and interests outside work.

If you identify with more than half, you may be suffering from stress. What is your coping mechanism?

We aim to work with people that are feeling stressed, but not quite burned out, to get you back on top of your game. We believe you are awesome, just need a little bit of support to get back where you want to be. We are not here to ‘fix’ you.

Stress management coaching might be of help for you. Let’s work towards a different future, together.

If you recognise that this could be an issue across your organisation, we also work with teams or groups to help them support one another in the workplace. Change your futures!

Please note that we are not medical professionals, this list is developed from our experience of the most common symptoms that people talk about when they move from pressure to stress. If you are worried that you are having greater physical or mental symptoms that this, please speak to a doctor.


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