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Stress Management Coaching

Are you feeling too busy to think at work? Stressed? Overwhelmed? At risk of burnout?

Stress, if left unchecked can cause long term and serious mental and physical health problems. It is something that affects all of us at some point in our lives. The cost to us, our families and our organisations can be enormous.

Let’s reset the balance in your life and get hold of stress before it gets a hold of you.

I offer a coaching service for people at risk of burnout, to help you explore what is going on in your life and create a different future.

This time is focused on you, led by you and offers you the space to find tools and confidence to make the small changes that can have a massive impact.

Sessions are relaxed, confidential and focused on redressing your working life balance.

Call me on 07766 546751 for an informal chat about your situation.

On Fridays, Lucy is based at the Westlakes Science Park, Whitehaven. You can book and pay online, you will be amazed at how much difference we can make in an hour.

If you would rather talk outside this time, contact Lucy directly on 07766 546751 or lucy @

The impact for me has been truly life changing

I look forward to my coaching sessions and feel energised and de-misted afterwards.

Lucy has a unique way of ever so gently and quietly getting me to the core of an issue (but she makes me feel that I did it all by myself).

I come out of every session feeling motivated, empowered and ready to take on the world

The process is relaxed and I’m in charge of the pace and depth we go. Our monthly coaching sessions build on each other (I get homework!) but they also allow room for the organic introduction of a newly emerged issue.

To book your evaluation session or full programme at BOOK NOW or click the button below. This will take you through to be able to directly book your session. Alternatively contact Lucy directly to arrange a time. If your organisation is paying get in touch with Lucy to arrange for this.