You could have our expertise, experience and support on your side for the long term.

Collaborative working across teams and organisations could make life easier for all of us. Do you need help to develop a new learning programme, or enhance your existing ones? Do you need facilitation for gnarly cross-organisational projects? Do you seek to support transformation programmes through workshops, facilitation and coaching on a daily basis? Or want to develop a bespoke learning programme to meet your needs right now?

We’d love to help. We enjoy a good challenge.

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The Harrison Network worked with our nuclear operations teams as they went through significant transformation. The impact of the programme was an increase in the quality of performance conversations held between team leader and team members. This in turn supported a smooth effective transformation.

Sellafield Ltd

Bespoke courses

We can design a learning programme to support your specific requirements, integrating with your existing modules and processes yet helping you create the momentum for change. Talk to us about collaborative working to develop your team to meet your specific requirements. We can tailor existing courses such as Speak Up? (psychological safety and crucial conversations), Step Up (entrepreneurship and innovation) and Lean In (team collaboration and agility) or design something completely new.

Harrison Network took the time to truly understand what we needed and reshaped the programme as Covid hit to meet the changing needs of our organisation. Highly recommended.

Working with Harrison Network to develop a challenging idea through to design and delivery has been excellent. Jacobs

Embed Learning

We can help embed learning from your existing courses through tactical ongoing support, practise and development.

We work alongside your team or your existing providers to deliver the longer term programme of personal support that makes the difference between a tick box learning exercise and an embedded change in skills, behaviours and mindsets.

This programme of support has been developed through experience and is tailored to meet the needs of each cohort of learners; there is no one-size-fits-all, but there are tried and tested techniques. Let’s talk!

‘I’ve started showing up to meetings differently’


Outsiders inside

Another way of collaborative working is through placements, where members of our team are placed into your organisation for specific periods of time. The Outsiders Inside are contracted culture change professionals who will meet your organisation’s needs in the longer term, as onsite coaches or trainers to support ongoing change.

You get team-mates dedicated to your organisation, supporting culture change from the inside through delivering coaching, facilitation and courses, yet employed through Harrison Network, so they use HN tried and tested methodology, are professionally independent, developed and supported by our team (and no IR35 contractual worries).

‘The consistent support meant participants achieved more and applied the learning effectively’ Kingswood


When you know the conversations are going to be tough but you really need to both move to action and bring everyone along with you, facilitation can be helpful. We’ll not take over or make decisions for you, but encourage all the voices to be heard and gently move people towards consensus and action. We’ll encourage your group towards collaborative working.

I really like your facilitation style
Morgan Sindall

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To talk about your particular needs and see whether a collaborative working approach would work for you.

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