Space to think

Space to think

OK, so here is my admission.

I am not busy all the time.

Ooh that feels hard to say. I run a successful business and yet I am not always busy. Does that make me a bad person?

In our corporate worlds, we are constantly trying to do more with less, to be more productive, more effective, deliver more, understand our customers more, shout about how awesome we are more, adhere to all these policies, streamline processes, motivate teams, be inspiring…

It’s exhausting. I know. I am your coach, your facilitator. I know your pain, I understand your pressures and I realise how important the board’s requirements are.

The irony is that the more busy we become, often the less we achieve, and we lose our thinking time.

This time and space to think is vital. This is what helps us have a breakthough idea. It helps us challenge the norms. We stop, we reflect, we look at why.

It is fairly well accepted that the introverts in our world actively need time and space to think, but when given it are likely to come up with a really awesome solution to a problem, but we often structure all our ‘creative’ or ‘strategic’ time talking. This is great for the extroverts, for the introverts not so much.

We are also not logical, rational beings. Our speed of thought is facilitated by our pre-judgements and assumptions. Without challenging these we will keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

You need to take time.

  • Put the phone down.
  • Meditate if you are so inclined.
  • Walk, look, listen.
  • Expand what you see, hear, feel.
  • Get some different experiences. Shake out some of your assumptions. Are they true?
  • Really listen to people. Question what their assumptions are too.

So yes, I am not busy all the time. But I do a lot of thinking. And I listen.

And now I have started to put together the space for you; a Place to Think to actively create time and space to challenge your assumptions. and take you out of the boardroom…

Let’s talk 🙂

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