Wise Advice

Wise Advice

Sometimes the wisest advice comes from unexpected sources. 

I was chatting with my little sister. She made the bold move to re-qualify at the age of (ahem) to become a doctor. She is in her final year and she is loving it. We are not so little any more, but I still consider myself older and wiser than her. Obviously.

We got on to the subject of studying, with particular reference to my ongoing Masters-level qualification that I am struggling to finish.

I love CPD, don’t get me wrong. Articles, TED talks, webinars, books. I love reading them and lapping up the new ideas. But when it comes to writing all these down and referencing my thinking to other people’s, all the fun seems to go out of it….

Suffice it to say that I am a little late with submitting my assignments. Running a business and a young family is my excuse; but as my own coach I recognise that really I am procrastinating as I don’t want to do it.

So I said to my sister ‘How do you do it? I know that I already have all the knowledge I need to have; I just haven’t written in down. They should just give me the qualification anyway!’ and she gave me some very wise advice.

She said:

That’s the bit that makes the difference Lucy. That’s the bit that makes the qualification worth having. That is the final hurdle. Don’t quit now.

Ow. Little sisters aren’t supposed to give their big sisters such wise advice.

But I suppose she is nearly a doctor.

I will start writing the next assignment tonight!

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