We are not all in the same boat

‘We are all in this together…’

I hear this quote fairly regularly, along with ‘we are all in the same boat…’

The suggestion is that each of us is experiencing the same thing during Isolation; that we are dealing with the same set of circumstances. This is simply not the case.

  • Some of us have children to try and school whilst attempting to work, some of us have no kids and no work.
  • Some of us have gardens and access to open spaces, some of us are holed up in built up areas in high rise flats.
  • Some of us have families around us, some of us are alone.
  • Some of us are OK financially, some of us can’t afford to eat.
  • Some of us are struggling to access any technology, some of us have plenty.
  • Some of us are poorly, some are well.
  • Some of us are fearful, some are bored.
  • Some of us face the virus every day, some of us think it’s never going to affect me.

We might all be in the same storm, but we are certainly not in the same boat.

It is very easy to judge others based on the boat that we are in. Let’s try and find out more about their boat before we judge. As my wise sister said to her NHS colleagues, ‘Negativity is more contagious than Coronovirus…’

This short video series may be of use to help you find out more about other people’s boats and connect with them.

Stay well folks, whatever boat you are in.

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