Spring Clean your Leadership

Spring Clean your Leadership

The sun is beginning to shine with some warmth and life is bursting out all around us. Now is the time to look at the stuff that has built up over the winter and spring clean. No we have not suddenly started selling cleaning products, we are talking about spring cleaning your business leadership.

It’s a great time to start, with many of us also planning for the year ahead financially too. Here are the five stages we suggest for giving yourself some clear clean space to move into the next part of the year.

1.Let in the sunlight

I mean by this allowing the light to shine on all the different areas of your leadership. Look at your past performance, habits, triggers and clutter that have formed and examine them, even if you don’t want to. Where do athletes start to improve their performance? By examining the last one.

Sometimes we become so ingrained in our habits and behaviours, it can be hard to see some of the barriers, triggers and clutter that we have built up. Do you have someone else who can come and help shine the light? A boss, coach, critical friend, peer who can help you reflect without telling you what you should be doing.

2. Sweep out the cobwebs

Work out which of these habits you intend to change and start small. Here are a few suggestions.

Are you so tied up in project delivery that you’ve lost the habit of delegation? What cost is this having on your management?

Found some triggers that set off certain behaviour patterns? Check this book out from Marshall Goldsmith

3. Deep clean one room

Work on one area. It can be easy to assume that once you have got to a certain point in your career, you have made it and don’t need to learn any more. Which areas do you need to properly brush up on, freshen up and renew. Dr Travis Bradberry has an interesting take on this and they may not be the areas you might immediately consider!

4. Lift your head and set some goals

Have you got so involved in the day to day running of your organisation that you have forgotten to lift your head and work out where you are going? Set achievable goals.

5. Work out where you are going to need to focus in the future

Time to do some planning. Who in your team needs support, what is likely to rear its head this year? What will help or hinder you towards your goals. Strategic planning time!

So here we are, the daffs are nearly out and the sun is warm. Time to start spring cleaning!

The Harrison Network offers a non-judgemental and creative space for you to explore your leadership style. Through coaching, facilitation and training, we have supported many business leaders at all levels of organisations. Whether facing change and challenge or simply wanting to take the next steps in your performance, we can support you and your team.

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