Bringing the team together – new office in Whitehaven

This week, the Harrison Network moved into our new office space in Whitehaven so that we have space to host the growing team together. We now live in ‘Stop 2’ in The Bus Station at Whitehaven. We moved in on Monday and were delighted that Adrienne Kelbie CBE was able to cut the ribbons for us on that day (8 August).

“We’ve grown as a remote team during the last couple of years of lockdown,” says Lucy Harrison, Director, “but it now feels right for us to finally get together in person. Whilst I enjoy some parts of working from home, the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues helps us all to be more dynamic, responsive and creative. Those are the traits that are going to be important to us if we’re going to stay ahead and continue to grow.”

2022 has already been a bumper year for the team: not only winning the BECBC Microbusiness Award, but also Lucy publishing her bestselling book, ‘Soft Skills for Tough Jobs’ and Harrison Network wining and delivering a high-profile contract with Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

“The growth continues and we’re recruiting again right now,” says Lucy, ‘so we needed somewhere to work from that has the right atmosphere, great neighbours, is light and airy, and has the space for us to continue to grow the team.”

“We chose The Bus Station in Whitehaven for two reasons. First, it is such a lovely bright space; we can even see the sea from the office! Second, being co-located with other fantastic young businesses is a real benefit, although it will take me a while to get used to having so many people around.”

Before moving to this office, members of the Harrison Network have been remotely located, with all the team working from home offices.

L&D Facilitator, Elizabeth Adams says, “I am really enjoying working in a team environment again and am looking forward to having people drop in to visit, as there’s bound to be scope for collaboration and new ideas.”

John McAllister, from Barclays Eagle Labs who run the co-working and office spaces at The Bus Station in Whitehaven, says, “We are delighted that this office space has been taken up by such a vibrant young company. We are all about growing innovation so share a lot of common ground with everyone involved in the Harrison Network.”

Adriènne Kelbie CBE is the independent Chair of Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) and she was previously Chief Executive of the Office for Nuclear Regulation. Given her involvement in the Harrison Network’s Dounreay project, she was invited to Whitehaven to see the Barclays Eagle Labs for herself and to cut the ribbon on the new offices.

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