How do we become a better team?

How do we become a better team?

A team is a system that is made up of the individuals within it. It is separate and distinct from these individuals and has its own distinct culture of behaviour, taboos, rewards and punishments.

Because it is a living system, it is resistant to change. It may be made up of highly skilled, motivated and performing individuals, but the team itself may be letting these individuals down.

Think of the best team you have ever worked within. It may have been at work, in sport, in performance… How did it feel? What were the qualities that made that team stand out?

The culture of your team is in control of your team performance.

Research suggests that for a team to be both highly productive and highly positive to work within, there are certain conditions that are necessary – conditions that allow you to get the job done and conditions that allow you to work together effectively.

So how can you change this?

Firstly it helps to identify what are the key pressure points within your team. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team?

Secondly it helps to have someone outside the team system who can help with observing, reflecting and challenging behaviours and patterns that individuals within the team may not be aware they are locked into.

Thirdly, having a vision of where the team helps the individuals pull in the same direction.

Finally agreement of ‘what ifs’ gives confidence for individuals to challenge the status quo.


Team coaching can affect real change. It is a different skill to coaching individuals, both more challenging and rewarding. If you need support in changing your team’s culture, talk to us.

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