How does our excitement affect you?

How does our excitement affect you?

You may have noticed that we have recently had a rebrand. New logo, marketing materials, videos and colour

s… It had its first preview exhibition last week, prior to exhibiting in Manchester at the beginning of next month. Great fun huh?

Those of you who have been through a rebrand will know, its hard work! I have personally had several months of coaching to gain clarity for my vision of the future. We have had months of discussions about how to get there and what’s new and exciting about it. This excitement for the future is part of the reason we were shortlisted for the Award (did I mention this yet…?).

We have spent weeks checking through policies and systems to ensure we are ready to launch, writing and rewriting copy to capture what we do (still not sure we have got that quite right). And all this has been supported by our incredibly patient, talented and understanding graphic designer, Mandy, who has come back again and again to get the designs right for us.

So now we are rightly proud of our new brand – but are we right to go on about our excitement?

I ask this because I’m curious how our excitement makes you feel? Excited for us? Anxious about our own future? Envious that we are going places? Resentful of your own situation? Or really you just don’t care…

In our world of social media and personal branding, we often measure ourselves against other people’s marketing. We see how successful/popular/beautiful/fit/wealthy others depict themselves as being, and look at our own lives negatively in response. Is this helpful?

Dr Carol Dweck talks about the benefits of having a Growth Mindset (as opposed to a Fixed one). One of the ways we can recognise where our mindset is, is in our reaction to other people’s success. Do we find that inspirational? Or a source of dissatisfaction in our own lives? And how do we react to this?

Having a growth mindset can lead to all sorts of great stuff – as it recognises that our capacity to develop, learn and be awesome is in our own hands. Having a fixed one can lead to frustration, discontent, resentment and anger. The latter is neither healthy for your mind nor your body – and also doesn’t make you much fun to be around!

So how can you change your mindset?

With the kids, I have a little song (I won’t sing it here), which makes them laugh and often jolts them out of their dissatisfaction and grumpiness. With adults it can be more subtle (although laughing at ourselves can still help!). But if you find yourself saying ‘I can’t do that…’ or ‘that’ll never happen for me…’ you could try re-framing your thoughts.

  • I can’t do that…. yet
  • That’ll never happen for me… unless…
  • It’s too hard… It’s worth the effort

Change your thoughts. Change your beliefs. Change your habits. Change your life…

Its not easy. Nobody sees the 6 months of hard work that has gone into our rebrand. Nobody really cares. But that work is what makes us so excited for the future, and hopefully makes others excited too. That work is what makes this worth doing. That work is what will drive our success. So we are going to talk about our excitement and hope this helps to inspire others.

You can do it too. Its worth the effort ­čÖé

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