STEP Ahead: Leading through change

Developing how people think, act and lead for confidence and resilience during change.

In this uncertain, constantly changing world, we need more people in our organisations who can step up to the challenges ahead. We’ll help your team become more commercially shrewd, more strategically agile and more confident to lead and inspire others to step up too.

Our aim is to increase commercial awareness and encourage people to actively step up to challenge the status quo, with viable business cases that fit with your organisation. This involves a mindset and a skillset and success depends on bringing others with you; it depends on good leadership.

Thinking about my department as a business has fundamentally changed how I lead it

Course details

This course is delivered over 4-5 months, with workshop modules, online check-in and coaching. We’ll apply the learning along the way through considering:

  • What we mean by entrepreneurial thinking at your organisation
  • Flexible applied business planning for a changing world
  • Crucial conversations along the way
  • Exploring real life problems and creative solution finding
  • Putting it into practise and keeping up momentum

There are four core areas of the programme, as detailed below:

Commercial Nous

Understanding the financial imperatives and how a business works helps you think about your work in a different way.

Strategic Awareness

Being aware of the big picture within your organisation and outside it helps you with your purpose and the value of your work.

Improved Social Capital

Excellent relationships with those around you will improve influence, communication, leadership and psychological safety

Flexibility and Creativity

How do you spot and go for opportunities, even if they might not work out? How do you approach problems more creatively and start innovating?

‘Feeling uncomfortable is a natural part of stepping up and doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be doing it’

‘Thinking of our department as a business fundamentally changes how I think about the whole organisation’

Entrepreneurial thinking

Why is entpreneurial thinking important now?

The future of work will require leadership with agility, innovation and the confidence to challenge the status quo. Your organisation needs people like this to see beyond your existing processes to reimagine how work could be. It needs internal entrepreneurs, or ‘intrapreneurs’. These people can spot opportunities, understand the commercial drivers, are willing to step up to try things, even if they fail, and they understand how to influence and lead those around them to bring them along on the journey. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the future of work, contact us for research into the nuclear sector undertaken 20-21 during Covid. For more information and studies on Entrepreneurial thinking, see the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 

Other courses we run are Speak Up? to develop psychological safety and Lean In for collaboration and agility.

‘Intrapreneurship enables a continuous stream of innovation which drives new product and service development.’ (Deloitte 2015) 

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