Leading the Future

Developing Sustainable leadership for the future of industry

The leaders of the future will need to be adaptable, flexible, and able to navigate and lead through the rapidly changing landscape of sustainability.

If you are ambitious to lead the future, you will need a combination of technical, interpersonal and strategic skills. You will need to be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty and able to balance short- and long-term considerations in your decision making.

We will help develop your leadership skills for today AND stay a step ahead to deliver a sustainable future in your industry for tomorrow. As a part of this programme, you will get:

It has improved my confidence in myself to lead.

Personal leadership strengths assessment

Personal coaching and skills to coach

Downloadable templates you can use and store

Workbased project to deliver tangible value

Masterclasses with subject matter experts

Free copy of ‘Soft Skills for Tough Jobs’ book

Exclusive access to videos and podcasts

Peer learning community

Programme information

You will learn principles of strategic and systems thinking, innovation, collaboration, powerful communication, environmental and social impact, and leading through change.

You will learn from other course participants as well as our coaches, facilitators and expert guest speakers.

We’ll introduce the NALED© framework, which has been tried and tested in highly regulated environments to help shape the culture around you. AND you get to work on current challenges relating to social value and NetZero to deliver immediate value for your organisation.

For more information on sustainable leadership principles, see our blog post. Want to know why it’s important? See this article from Forbes magazine.

What do I get out of it?

  • The awareness and skills to consider projects from multiple perspectives in order to deliver value/impact on the triple bottom line
  • The ability to spot new ways of doing things, and to articulate the value of an innovation or change
  • The confidence to influence / lead others through change
  • You’ll deliver a project for your company that can evidence tangible value on triple bottom line
  • The coaching skills to help build psychologically safe workplaces and teams.
  • Personal development and evidence towards your future ambitions
  • Next programme commences Autumn 2023
  • Approx seven days over six months
  • Small group size
  • Includes overnight stays in stunning Lake District
  • Mix of online and face to face
  • Mapped to your personal development goals
  • Designed for early career leaders with ambition
  • Proven in highly regulated industries
  • Project approved by sponsoring organisation
  • Sponsored places available for SMEs
  • Leadership responsibility preferred
  • Simple application process


“I feel more confident to approach issues with multiple perspectives.”

“I look at project work from different perspectives to see the value in the work e.g. relationships, sustainability, social value, financial.”

“I understand better how the relationships and hierarchies work within my project; this big picture helps me make better decisions.”

“I am more ambitious with ideas and keen to put them forward, particularly for innovation.”



Applications being taken from May for Autumn 23