5 ways to thrive through change

5 ways to thrive through change

Change is inevitable. It can be exciting, or it can be terrifying. No matter which way you see it, it is likely to be a challenge. How can we feel better through change?

In today’s working environment, it can feel as if everything is changing all the time. We can easily feel out of control, uncertain for our future and demotivated.

I work with people and teams during change to help them actively thrive rather than just ‘cope’ or ‘manage’. Here are a few tips that might help you:

1. Be an ‘Early Adopter’

If you can be one of the first to get on board with the change, you will not only deal with some of your fears about it straight away but may well have the opportunity to shape how and where it goes. Remember your sphere of influence? Well you might just be able to expand this by getting on board early. Being active in change feels better than having it ‘done to you’

2. Be Positive

Adopt the Appreciative Enquiry model where you look at what is good, what are the possibilities, what you could dare to dream and what you can do right now. If you can keep positive about forthcoming change it will help you and those around you. If everyone is negative it creates a pretty darned awful working atmosphere. Who wants that???

3. Recognise what’s going on with yourself

If you feel less than happy about a change, when you look deep inside you may discover what part of you this is really affecting. Are you worried about losing income? Your place in the world? The security blanket around you? Your tribe of teammates? Your expertise on a spreadsheet? Extra work? If you can identify what it is that is REALLY worrying you about it, then you can take steps to mitigate the impact that any change might have. It might feel all-consuming but often it is not when you get deep down.

4. Recognise what’s going on with others

You may find that you are now doing better than some of your colleagues with change if you have followed the above steps. Help them deal with it too. Listen, be there. It will be worth it.

5. Seek opportunities

Unexpected silver linings come from all clouds. It can be tough to see them when you are in the thick of them, but they do have them. You get stronger through adversity. Keep looking for the opportunities that arise.

Change can be an adventure. Or it can be traumatic. Choose which you prefer it to be.

I am sure you can think of more wise words of advice for those going through change. What has been your experience? I’d love to hear them.

Lucy is an experienced coach and facilitator who supports people and organisations to thrive through change.

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