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Tough conversations

Is your organisation going through significant change?

Are your team leaders ready for the conversations ahead?


This programme is designed to enable managers at all levels to be confident to talk about the tricky stuff as the winds of change blow hard.

We know that during change people’s emotional journey is as important as their physical journey, and affects performance, relationships, culture and whether or not the change sticks.

How good would it feel to be confident about the upcoming conversations and know that you have a toolkit to understand motivations, know how to prepare and deliver challenging feedback, recognise and disrupt patterns of behaviours and empower and inspire your team.

We can help.

We offer a simple framework of tools and techniques, combined with time to practice, reflect and ask questions to make them real and workable in your context. You’ll feel confident to:

  1. Hold challenging conversations
  2. Handle conflict
  3. Be more emotionally and socially intelligent
  4. Recognise patterns and disrupt them, and
  5. Empower and inspire your team.

Contact us to tailor this for your situation