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Workshops: Success Frameworks

Practical Tools for Powerful Conversations

We have developed a series of workshops and learning programmes called Success Frameworks to unlock the power of dialogue in your organisation. Each one is flexible and dynamic; learned, tested and ultimately owned by your team together. They embed a coaching approach to conversations that shape the future of your business.

These dynamic learning experiences are crafted to engage, inform and resonate in order to inspire and deliver real change. We use a variety of methods including coaching, facilitation and experiential learning to both improve performance and challenge the status quo.

Your leaders and learners will collectively own the programme, by having an input into the design. This transforms the results and engagement to deliver a real return on your investment.

We will understand your specific context, then bring together the experience and expertise from across the Network, so that you have a bespoke team you can trust. We believe in combining theory, practice and reflection so that you not only understand the models, but take away practical ways to implement these in the workplace.

Behavioural and mindset change does not happen overnight so our approach is staged to include input, responsibility for actions, coaching and mentoring through challenge and demonstrable outcomes.

Workshops & learning programmes include: