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How well do the people in your organisation step up to challenges and opportunities that  our changing world sends our way? Do you need agile leaders who can identify opportunities, be adaptable, lead change and champion new ways of working?

Your stated imperative may be to become more innovative or agile or entrepreneurial. But how do you change this on the ground? The STEP Up programme is a chance to challenge the existing cultures and create a movement for change.

In our changing world, we need to constantly challenge the status quo and find new ways to solve our business challenges, and take our people with us.

This programme will support your leaders to do this and help drive value, better commercial understanding and innovation. They will learn through experience together, testing out new tools and techniques in practical simulations and applying it to their real work. They’ll have the freedom to think differently and we will create a support network of peers to keep up momentum.

Together we’ll develop a pool of agile leaders, thinking, acting and leading differently. You’ll get people confident to step up, able to bring people with them, understanding of the commercial imperatives and able to adapt to changing situations more effectively.

By thinking entrepreneurially, they will be more able to:

  • Be prepared to try, be prepared to fail, and be prepared to keep trying
  • Find opportunities in challenges, find new ways to create value, and lead change
  • Re-engage teams, drive momentum, and measure sustainable progress.

Is this what you want for your business? Get in touch for how we can support change in your organisation.