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Organisational Development

Organisations are fascinating things; what you see on the surface is like the tip of an iceberg – there is so much more underneath.

In order to change what presents on the surface, sometimes we have to delve deep into the embedded culture, psyche and paradigms of the organisation.

We work at an organisational level to:

  • Challenge the status quo,
  • Build team relationships,
  • Develop positive culture,
  • Embrace diversity
  • Be agile, dynamic and flexible

We specialise in:

  • Facilitating future vision and strategy
  • Culture change
  • Team development
  • Creating the space to think
  • Embedding and contextualising learning 
  • Individual coaching through challenge and change.

Throughout this, we remain flexible to the changing needs of the organisation as the future evolves.

Every organisation is different, so every conversation we have around culture change and OD is different. We love to talk first to find out what support you need.

Organisational Development values:

Resourceful We believe that individual self-reliance and ingenuity combined with practical knowledge and experience can deliver better organisational results in this changing world. We design staged learning programmes that combine training, facilitation and coaching, to help our clients develop practical behaviours and a more reflective / entrepreneurial mindset. 

Dynamic We believe that small actions can change the world, so we encourage determination, enthusiasm and a thirst for change.

Collaborative We truly believe that we can all achieve more together, that our communities and teams support and drive us forward. That business can be a force for good in the world but this starts at home. We drive for team cooperation and alignment so that we can all feel good about what we are aiming for. 

Resilient We believe that to survive the changes our future holds, we must all, individually and collectively, become more resilient. We measure our success through the improved resilience of the individuals and organisations we work with.

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