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We are super excited to announce we have won a tender with Sellafield Ltd.  

Our network of independent experts strikes again! We’ve won a contract to support Sellafield Ltd in becoming more entrepreneurial in its thinking.

The tender was put out through LINC, which is specifically designed to help small businesses like ours win packages of work. And it’s worked!

We are absolutely thrilled to have won; the brief really played to our strengths of combining entrepreneurial behaviours with coaching skills to support new, agile ways of working.

A spokesperson from Sellafield Ltd gave us some fabulous feedback: “We particularly liked the combination and breadth of experiences that the Harrison Network brought to this pitch. Their understanding of the issues faced by Sellafield Ltd combined with their proven results, both locally and nationally, led to their success.”

Our training programmes will encourage innovation, commercial understanding and entrepreneurial leadership. At the core is experiential learning and coaching that enable each individual to learn what works for them and test out new ways of working.

The whole approach is designed to underpin Sellafield’s drive to become a leaner and more agile organisation.

Bringing together the right team and developing a strong response to the brief in such a short time and over the summer was hard work, but it also brought tremendous energy to the tendering process – and that energy is what we’re aiming to bring to our work with Sellafield Ltd’s project and innovation teams.

The Harrison Network supports organisations to both drive and thrive through change, developing leaders, teams and organisations to inspire, collaborate and innovate. We offer individual leadership coaching, team facilitation and training programmes to support organisational change.

We recognise that not all the skills you need in nuclear are technical; we develop soft skills for tough jobs. We coach, facilitate and train people to be able to develop the behaviours that drive change and innovation. We’ve developed an entrepreneurial training programme that will work in the real Sellafield context.

We’ve created programmes for big industrial clients in the past and seen the approach work really well in practice, making a huge difference.  It has been exciting to work together on the bid and to see how our past work can be developed to another level to meet the specific Sellafield challenges.

We are proud that our work contributes to changing cultures and developing agile leaders and teams. Sellafield is investing in the people who will be making dynamic changes happen at their site for years to come. We are delighted that we are going to be part of those changes.

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