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Coaching Future Leaders

How can you maximise the impact of your training budget?

Each individual on your Leadership Development programmes will learn different things at different times along the way.

You probably know the 70:20:10 rule? 70% of learning takes place on the job, 20% from peers and 10% from formal programmes. But how do you increase that 10%?

How do you embed the learning, help them contextualise it for their situation and support them on this journey?


How do we do it?

Our experience shows that our individual Future Leader coaching supports people as they contextualise the learning in a personal way.

We offer a coaching support package that works alongside your leadership programme or higher apprenticeship programme. Our coaches are organisational experts who ‘get’ both leadership theory and real world management application.

This gives each individual the opportunity and space to explore what they are learning further and contextualise it for their own situation. They get to experience the power of a coaching approach and improve their learning journey.

The combination of external coaching with your internal programme is truly powerful and can transform the benefits of the learning.


Does it work?

Here are some quotes of the impact from a recent group.

‘I can’t wait for the next training days and know exactly what I am looking to get out of it.’

‘I understand why that is relevant for me now and know I can use that tool’

‘I am working smarter not harder, and it is paying off. I have time to do my coursework now!’



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