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high performing teams

Lencioni (2002) team pyramid

Lencioni (2002) team pyramid

In order to be strategic, to problem solve and to lead effectively, teams need to function well. Even the most strategic thinkers or effective problem solvers will be stymied by poor team work. Patrick Lencioni (2002) has an effective teamwork model that highlights exactly what can go wrong.

Senior teams are constantly being asked to perform more highly and do more with less. In periods of high paced growth, or with relatively newly formed management teams, it can be hard to find the time and energy to make sure that your team are performing to the best of its ability.

Each team has a unique set of opportunities and difficulties. We recognise however that there are key areas for development that can help move the team forward.

These include:

  • Leadership skills and awareness
  • Effective communication
  • True team accountability for change
  • Agreement of what is OK and not OK for this team
  • and above all, trust.

As with all our programmes, we realise that change does not happen overnight so our approach is stepped to include input training days, encouragement of team responsibility for actions, individual coaching through challenge, and demonstrable outcomes.

High Performing Teams

We work with small teams, such as senior, project or management teams on programmes to develop the performance of the team as a whole. This can include work on collaboration, trust, leadership and accountability as well as goal setting and strategic planning.

Our programmes are benchmarked at the beginning and end, with clear outcomes identified and worked towards. We combine facilitated team away days with individual executive coaching to embed learning and behaviour change.

The mix of theory, team coaching and groupwork makes for impactful sessions. But we don’t leave you there. The big changes happen afterwards; the coaching embeds the small behaviour changes that make big performance changes.


The Harrison Network underpins its work with sound theory, years of practice and accredited coaches, facilitators and associates.

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