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Develop New Team

When you are bringing a new team together, promoting one or inheriting one, there are several considerations;

  1. Do I have the right mix of people?
  2. What roles are we likely to perform within the team?
  3. What are our ‘norms’ of behaviour and process going to be?
  4. How do we fast-track getting to know one another – moving from forming, through storming and norming to performing as quickly as possible?
  5. How do we deal with the inevitable conflicting opinions?
  6. How do we develop team bonds whilst remaining appreciative of the different elements we bring to the team?

The Harrison Network has a programme to support you through this, looking at working with both you and the team as a whole. We can’t do it for you, but we can bring our experience and expertise to bear in encouraging a swift transition from a new team to a performing team as well as avoiding pitfalls along the way.

This programme is suitable for leadership, project teams and newly formed teams at all levels.