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Team Coaching

Team coaching is a growing area, but why is it useful and who is it useful for?

If you have one of the following:

  • A new team coming together that needs to deliver and fast
  • A top team wanting to become a role model for the rest of the organisation
  • A key team needing to improve its performance – where all team members are agreed they want to do better
  • An existing team that is looking to regain its sparkle.

What team coaching can do is address the systems in which individuals work and perform. One to one coaching is very powerful for the individual, but if the system in which they operate is not functioning optimally, the benefits of the intervention will be limited.

Team coaching can re-focus, energise and align the team around successful collective habits and behaviours. It can support the exploration of culture and changes where necessary, examine healthy vs unhealthy conflict, value and understand contributions of diverse team members, gain clarity of priorities, examine and develop processes, improve communication, innovation, reputation and resilience. Phew! Powerful stuff.


We are delighted when teams come forward for team coaching, but there are also times when we won’t take them on. We have learned through experience that, just as not all people are in the right space for individual coaching, neither are all teams.

As a quick check list then, if you are interested in finding out more about team coaching, here are some things we would ask you:

  • Is this a real team?
  • Is there buy in from the top to change?
  • Is there buy in from the team that this is needed?
  • Do you have the capacity/will to put the time into this?


Team coaching isn’t always transformational. Nor is it the answer for all team performance issues – if the team is actually just a bunch of people who work together, but have no desire for collective improvement, then the impact may be very limited. Equally, if the team leader does not accept that change involves him or her as well, team coaching isn’t necessarily a practical approach.

If you would like to talk to us about an initial exploration as to whether team coaching is right for your team, then get in touch.

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