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In your busy life, taking time to step back, reflect and consider what your world is asking for from you can help you be more effective and productive. Coaching helps you focus on what’s important so you can be at your best.

Harrison Network coaches work with teams, systems and individuals, and we will help you identify what is the best approach for you and your teams right now. We may call it Executive Coaching or Leadership Coaching or Systemic Team Coaching; it doesn’t matter what it’s called, what matters is how it impacts on you and your work.

You will find our sessions practical and intuitive. We don’t follow formulae, but consider our approach differently for every person and every team. We can meet face to face, on the phone or online. We have a handpicked team of coaches, that we believe you will enjoy working with even when you are being challenged.

We have surprised ourselves with how effective coaching is being


There are many different types of coaches. We specialise in three core areas and are proven in highly regulated, politically sensitive environments:

  • Executive Coaching
    • for leaders in senior positions navigating complex environments
  • Leadership Coaching
    • for leaders wishing to progress in their careers against specific development goals
  • Systemic Team Coaching
    • coaching for executive teams in complex systems to operate more effectively.

My wife tells me I was at the best of my whole career when I was working with you.


Helping senior leaders who navigate complexity to challenge perspectives and keep learning.



Creating the environment for the team to learn and develop, challenge patterns and notice systemic blind spots.



Developing leaders to be more self aware and effective, and move from managing to leading.


Coaching programmes often run for 4-6 months with monthly sessions, which include a chemistry session before starting, can include sponsor engagement at the beginning and end, as well as goal setting and check in throughout.

It is recommended for team coaching that we spend time with the team first to establish principles and maturity levels of the team before commencing coaching together.

Coaching can deliver powerful and lasting change. We believe it should support and challenge you to both improve your performance and the organisation as a whole.

Our team of coaches are all highly experienced professionals and undertake continuous professional development both individually and together, so that we learn from one another and maintain and improve our professional ability.

We have a selection of different coaches at different levels of experience and backgrounds, but all of whom commit to our code of conduct and ethical code.

We have a simple process that we follow but then allow our coaches the freedom to use their intuition and experience to work in the right way for each individual.

Our experienced team of coaches hold high level professional coaching qualifications or significant relevant experience. As an organisation and individually, we are professionally registered with the Association for Coaching.

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