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Individual Coaching

How do we view coaching?

In our busy lives, we often don’t take the step back to reflect and consider what our world is asking for from us and how we can step up to that.

Our coaching works in collaboration with you. We offer you time and space to think. We will challenge your thinking whilst remaining your champion. We will be by your side and support both yours and your organisations performance.

We do not have magic bullets, but we do have plenty of experience, knowledge, skill and independence to help you see things from different angles.

Coaching drives transformation for individuals and organisations to meet business, leadership, learning and organisational objectives.

You will find our sessions relaxed, practical and creative. We could be in your office, taking a walk, having a coffee, on the phone or Skype/video link.

What can we expect?

As an individual, you can expect a supportive, friendly and non-judgemental coach who will give you their full attention, listen carefully and challenge your thinking to help you find answers. You can expect full confidentiality as per the contract.

As an organisation commissioning coaching, you can expect to set clear goals and reporting requirements and clear contracting that examines expectations on all sides. You can also expect a single place to come to find a handpicked, experienced group of coaches, bound by clear codes of ethics and conduct, who are used to working alongside one another to support the different needs of your organisation.

You can also expect that our aim is to enable you to become self-sufficient, not come to rely on us as coaches.

As your coaches, we expect you to come to the session ready to think and explore options. We expect you to commit to the process, be prepared to make changes and be fully present for the session.

Types of coaching

  • Executive coaching
    Space to think for people in leadership positions to get a fresh perspective and develop themselves professionally.
  • Business coaching
    Space to think for entrepreneurs looking for someone that can quickly understand their business and help them see it from another angle so as to work out where to go from here.

The Coaches

We have a selection of different coaches at different levels of experience and backgrounds, but all of whom commit to our code of conduct and ethical code.

We have a simple process that we follow but then allow our coaches the freedom to use their intuition and experience to work in the right way for each individual. Our professional coaches are registered with the Association for Coaching (AC), European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) or the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a growing industry there are a number of professional bodies, who have similar codes. Some of our coaches are qualified or working towards qualifications, all are highly experienced in their fields.

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