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Coaching Conversations

Learn to use coaching skills in your everyday working life.

Coaching skills and behaviours can make a huge impact on your team’s engagement, productivity, innovation and commercial results. Your communication skills and methods of leading impact the whole culture of your organisation. Try some different techniques and see what happens.

If you are looking for a quick introduction into coaching skills, to give you an idea of how powerful they can be, then we can help, we offer a two-hour introduction into coaching, which allows you to explore the subject for yourselves and take away some basic concepts.

Alternatively if you are after a basic foundation for your team, that is practical and useful in your day to day work, we are excellent partners. We offer a two-day foundation course, which is grounded in effective techniques but not stuck on models or theories. We will practise together, learn from one another and take away some new approaches to test back at work.

We can also support your development in coaching skills through individual coaching support, or helping you set up internal systems in your organisation.

Coaching skills will enable you to hold more powerful, meaningful and effective conversations, and develop and empower your team. For more information on how coaching is currently used in organisations across Cumbria, see our recent study.


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