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We believe that successful future organisations will have effective, positive, creative relationships at their heart. Our working practices and leadership must be human-centred.

Our long-term mission is to develop the behaviours that drive these relationships.  

We build social and emotional intelligence, communication and powerful conversations. We work with construction, manufacturing, engineering, energy and emergency services, where we develop soft skills for tough jobs.  We work with individuals and whole organisations, changing cultures and behaviours one conversation at a time. We do this through coaching, learning and facilitation.

In the shorter term, we have a secondary mission.

In our world of overwhelming busy-ness, we strive to help people rediscover their mojo by giving them space to think. You get to keep the best people by keeping people at their best. Stress prevention supports long term wellbeing and delivers improved behaviours and results.

We create places to think for people who are too busy to take time out, so you can stop, reflect, learn, innovate and challenge norms. Through doing this you can reshape your life and organisation to deliver better results and more healthy cultures.

We work with individuals, specific teams and across organisations by:
1. Coaching senior and future leaders
2. Developing teams that connect, collaborate and deliver
3. Enabling positive leadership behaviours and communication skills.

We underpin our work with emotional and social intelligence, sound academic theory and a coaching approach. We are pragmatic, knowledgeable and on your side.

At the Harrison Network, our aim is to create long lasting sustainable behaviour change. We are professional coaches, facilitators, trainers – call us what you like, we are good at what we do.

Our Impact

‘I feel refreshed, focused and ready to take on the world again.’

‘Talking about the tricky stuff has become the new normal’

‘We are working together so much more effectively and achieving more. What a difference in a short space of time.’

Our Team


Lucy has supporting transitioning organisational cultures for 25 years. She works to create the space, culture and confidence in which challenge, support and innovation can happen.   Pragmatic and dynamic in her coaching and facilitation, Lucy strives to enable mindset and behaviour changes that are sustainable in the real world.

Lucy’s drive for starting this network was to bring together a diverse group of amazing independent consultants to challenge convention.Associate Member of Association for Coaching


Mark develops commercial solutions for organisations facing challenges; creating systems, frameworks and solutions that are owned and delivered by the teams themselves. Mark brings a powerful practical edge to the Harrison Network programmes, working with both public and private sector organisations.


Chris is a senior executive coach of many years’ experience. Chris brings a wealth of coaching experience and thinking to our team. He is currently on the board of the International Coach Federation, supporting the development of the whole sector. Chris has a strong outdoor background and continues to support the development of young people in this area.


Alina is a powerful influencer, she brings her strategic and practical experience in developing, managing and delivering organisational change. Alina has a proven record of developing a world class engaged workforce to deliver maximum business performance and her work is underpinned by academic rigour and practical experience.


Martin truly is a mindfulness expert. He has studied and practised for years to be able to bring mindful practise to organisational settings. He brings both a grounding practise and many years of experiential learning experience to our team.


Ross leads our team of technical experts. Great at designing, delivering and facilitating both indoor and outdoor activities, their expertise brings an additional practical element to our programmes. Whether its an outdoor adventure or an indoor project, they are fully equipped and qualified to deliver an amazing learning experience.

The Harrison Network team also includes other coaches, HR specialists and facilitators, including Mike, Dianne, Jo, Judy and Duncan, all of whom complement each other in style and skills. Together we offer a choice and combination with regard to coaching styles, training styles and types of delivery that deliver the right programme for you.

Our Values:

  1. Resourceful – We believe in having the resilience and tools to be able to adapt to our constantly changing business world. We aim to enable others to become more self-reliant and ingenious.
  2. Dynamic – we believe that small actions can change the world, so encourage determination, enthusiasm and a thirst for change.
  3. Elegant – we believe in the elegance of simplicity. Keep it simple, keep it elegant, keep it memorable.
  4. Collaboration – we believe in the power of true collaboration. Our ability to recognise value in others drives us forward together. Business can be a force for good in the world as well as in our pockets, if we truly work together for one another, not for ourselves.
  5. Community – we believe that thriving work, family and life communities are vital for us to perform at our best. Lets make them brilliant places to be.