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Powerful and courageous conversations

How powerful are the conversations you hold with your team?

And how about their conversations with their teams?


Appraisals, 121’s and ongoing performance conversations ought to be driving performance, through inspiration, empowerment and accountability. But how many of them do? How much potential in your organisation is locked away because of conversations that people are avoiding?

How good would it feel to be confident the conversations you have on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis were making a real difference to the performance of your team?

We can help.

We offer a simple framework of tools and techniques, combined with time to practice, reflect and ask questions to make them real and workable in your context. You’ll feel confident to:

  1. Hold challenging conversations
  2. Handle conflict
  3. Give away the responsibility to the individual / team
  4. Recognise patterns and disrupt them, and
  5. Empower and inspire your team.

Success Frameworks : Practical tools for powerful conversations

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